USC Graduation Photo Session

How to Prepare for your Senior Graduation Photos

What to Bring?

There are SO many different backdrops at USC for senior/graduation portraits!

Here are some must-have's for what you should bring:

  1. Graduation Regalia - robe, stoles, cap/tam, tassel and/or any medals you'll be wearing during your ceremony.
  2. Props - Feel free to bring anything that expresses your personality or anything special throughout your educational career: special/lucky socks or shoes, specific coffee mug, customized graduation cap, champagne bottle to pop to celebrate, or even a flag that represents your nationality!
  3. Family & Friends - Remember to bring people with you will either help make your session easier or be in the photos with you! You're more than welcome to bring your parents, siblings, significant other, or even pets (wherever allowed).

If you aren't sure you are bringing everything you need: don't hesitate to ask me and I'd be happy to send over an even more thorough checklist for you!

USC Graduation Class of 2023


Yes - graduation portraits will be posed and some will even be more on the "Serious" side: but don't forget to have fun with these! Remember, your graduation/senior session is meant to celebrate such a bug achievement! Don't be scared to try different ideas, or "wing it" with certain poses!

This photo to the left shows a mom who brought her two kids and decided to pop a confetti cannon as a surprise to her kids and capture their raw emotion/reaction: CLEARLY it was a fun surprise for one, but a memorable reaction from the other!

Family Session - Graduation Session at USC

USC Galleries

Most Importantly: BE YOU!

Below are several galleries for you to browse through to get ideas of what a graduation/senior session will look like. All of these are sessions at the University of Southern California (USC). As you can see there are many different backdrops and different scenery options to make our vision come true! Luckily, I've shot here many time so you won't need to go scouting your school before your session: I GOT YOU TAKEN CARE OF!