Valentines Inspired Couples Session in Uptown Whittier, CA

creating unique memories

Sometimes, you don't need all the frills...

You don't need to rent an indoor studio or private estate to capture eye-catching photos. Do you want unique photos for your invitations? Or are you looking for something special to plan for your spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, or partner?

Think about the place you two grew up in. Maybe think about the place you went on for your first date. Perhaps, you could even go back to the place you two first met (no matter how "boring" it may seem).

Locations such as these are GUARANTEED to:

  1. Bring back ALL THE FEELS for you two!
  2. Give you UNIQUE photos - since these places usually are special to YOU and you alone.
  3. Create memories over a period of time - make it a tradition to come back here every 3-5 years and see how you two age over time. You could even come back here later on the your family has grown!

This Cinema was the perfect place to celebrate this couple's love - it's the city they bought their first home together, the city they raised their kids in, and is where they've gone on many dates in the past.

You'd never known it was in Whittier, CA! People to this day still think this is the Pantages at first glance!