Let's Get the Kids & GO!

Getting all the kids together early in the morning, all nicely dressed and groomed, is a mission all on it's own! Now imagine adding on a set appointment time for family photos, at a big park, with a strange person pointing a camera in your kids' faces?

Family sessions can be overwhelming at times, but nothing too big you can't handle! (I mean, You can handle the kids, right?) Here's what to look forward to for your family session & how to get the best photos for your Holiday cards this season!!

Family Sessions with the kids can be a mission all on it's own!

Let's have some FUN!

As a photographer, my job is to create memories that will last a lifetime. In essence, the best way to do this, is to create a fun & enjoyable atmosphere for your kids. Although we all love a photos of a well-posed family portrait, that won't always be what you receive in your photos: But that's totally okay!

Depending on your kids' ages, most love to run, jump, and make jokes: my best advice: LET THEM! Giving them the environment and space to have fun creates such unique and distinct family photos. As they get older, their growing personalities are captured in photos and they will look back on them as "fun times".

Be prepared with different ways to also have fun with your kids: Yes, ALSO have fun with your kids! This is a moment for you to spend time with your kids and make family photos a fun day for everyone!

This park in Irvine offers many different backdrops for family photos!

Bribing your little one can help you get some smiles in your photos


I'll never stop saying this: Bribing your kids for family photos is OKAY and actually HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

There is nothing wrong with treating them to an ice cream after a family session, or taking them on the train ride at the park. Kids don't always cooperate willingly, but if you want those family photos to have smiles, rather than frowns, offer them a reward afterwards & I can guarantee they will do whatever you want for 30 minutes!

Color-coordinating outfits may seem cheesy at times, but if there's a time to do it, it's for family photos!


If there is ever a time to match with your family: it's for family photos! Don't wear completely different patterns, or colors that clash with the location you chose. Always remember, involving your kids in the selection of your outfits can also get them more excited for family photos! Lay out 2-3 outfits that you approve first and let them have the final say. They will be so proud of "choosing their own outfit" that they will most likely smile even more for your session.

Pick a place that has different backdrops!


There are so many places in Southern California to choose for your family portraits: keep it interesting and change it up every year, or make it a tradition to go to the same location. Regardless of where your session is, you can't go wrong in California! As a photographer, my job is to give you the best hidden gems - let me know what you envisioned, and I can recommend some great spots! I got you on that one :)

Making Memories that Last a Lifetime!

In the end, although getting the family together for family photos can be a total mission to outer-space: It is SO WORTH IT! These photos will literally last a lifetime, and I can GUARANTEE your kids will love to look back on them in the years to come. If you haven't scheduled your family session for your annual photos, what are you waiting for: Let's get you in the books!